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We use red chillies that are fermented over a couple of days with Vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic. It is then cooked down, blended and incorporated into the dough. 

Each batch of dough is carefully weighed, kneaded and then extruded through bronze dies that gives the pasta a rustic and porous texture that holds sauce beautifully.

All our pasta is air dried at low temperatures over a course of40-60 hours, depending on shape, to preserve the nutrientsintegrity and achieve the perfect ‘bite’.


Sauces are potioned for 200Gms of Pasta that SERVES 2. 


SHELF LIFE : Best before 6 month's from date of MFG.


Disclaimer - Order for this item needs to be placed before 8pm for next day delivery.

Sriracha Fusilli

SKU: sriracha_fusilli
250 Grams
Taxes Included
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