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The fondest memories of my childhood have always revolved around my mother’s treats. The time I spent in the kitchen looking at her cook, eventually gave me the kick to clutter the kitchen with every recipe from her cookbook. Before I knew it 'The Flavour Thesaurus' replaced Harry Potters and Twilight's on my bookshelf. The pocket money previously spent mindlessly started getting saved for books by 'Chef Thomas Keller' and 'Chef Daniel Humm'.

To pursue my dreams, I started culinary school at the age of 18 at Le Cordon Bleu London where I first learnt how to make pasta. Open saffron lasagne with lobster, to be precise. I had seen chefs roll pasta effortlessly on TV shows and videos but the joy of rolling my very first batch was just exhilerating.


There after, every restaurant I worked in, every chef I trained under shared that same passion for fresh pasta. From ‘The Table’ in Mumbai, to ‘Elystan street’ in London and ‘Le Cirque’ at the Leela Palace in New Delhi.

It was during my 3-year tenure at 'Le Cirque', New Delhi, that I truly fell in love with artisanal pasta-all varieties and flavours. Later having spent a year studying the nuances of culinary management in Paris, and working alongside traditional Italian Pastias, further strengthened my desire to offer ‘Real’ pasta to the Indian palate. Hence, Casarecce (ka-sa-RAY-cheh) -meaning ‘Homemade’. Casarecce is an ode to sharing that love for fresh handcrafted artisanal pasta, an amalgamation of traditional methods of making pasta with global flavours and  the best of Indian grains, all nurtured with love. 

-Chef Sambhavi Joshi



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