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Each Box Contains a set of 4 dried pastas.


Choose among the following Pasta selection:


  • Original Pasta Range: Signature Casareece, Conchiglie, Hand rolled Fettuccine & Gigli
  • Flavoured Pasta Range: Sriracha Fusilli, Turmeric Casarecce, Beetroot Gigli & Charcoal Fusilli
  • Health Range: Gluten Free Fusilli, Whole Wheat Casarecce, Gluten Free Beetroot Casarecce & Black Wheat Conchiglie
  • All Time Favourite Range: Signature Casarecce, Sriracha Fusilli, Beetroot Creste Di Gallo & Conchiglie


*Each Packet contains 250gms of Dried Pasta.

Box of Dried Pastas

Taxes Included
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